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末古刀 薬王寺助次 Yakuouji Suketsugu


In the Mikawa province(三河国), there were not so many famous swordsmiths, but similar to Owari Province(尾張国), it saw the rise of schools like Mino Province Seki(美濃関) and Ise Province Kuwana(伊勢国桑名). During the Muromachi(室町時代) and Azuchi-Momoyama periods(安土・桃山時代), renowned swordsmiths from Mino and Ise immigrated to Mikawa and established their workshops.

Moreover, during the Edo period, various domains in Mikawa Province, including the Mikawa Clan, employed swordsmiths who created famous swords.

The Yakuoji School(薬王寺派), active in Shikisho Uto (located in present-day Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture愛知県岡崎市) in Mikawa Province since the Kamakura period(鎌倉時代), is one of the schools of swordsmiths in Mikawa. Notable swordsmiths from this school include Nakahara Kunimune (中原国宗) and Suketsugu (助次), the son of Kaneharu (兼春) from Mino Province Seki.

Suketsugu(助次)’s blades exhibit a style similar to Sue-seki (a term used for practical swords produced in the Sengoku period) with a shallow sori (curve), itame or mokume hada (wood grain-like pattern in the steel), and a hamon with shallow undulations and small irregularities. The tang often bears a two-character inscription or simply "Yakuoji薬王寺."


Nagasa : 20.5cm Moto-haba : 21.5mm Moto-kasane : 6.9mm



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